Saturday, March 28, 2015

Motivation Despite Obstacles and Limitations

In today’s world, a lot of people lack the motivation to pursue the things they want to do. Some people have the ability to pursue their dreams, but they lack the motivation to make their dream becomes a reality. However, at times we fail to realize that in order to reach for our dream goal; we have to work hard at those dreams to get the best result.Some people place limitations on themselves because of what others say about them; it’s like some people learn to listen to the opinions of what others say about them that they fail to use their talents and abilities to reach their fullest potential. At times, there are some people that tells you that you can’t reach your fullest potential, however it’s your choice to listen to what they say and limit your potential or take the limitations off and motivate yourself to strive for your goals and dreams.When we motivate ourselves to take the limitations off and work hard towards our goals and dreams, we find that we become more focus, less distracted and more productive. However, at times there may be so many things that comes to distract us and cause us to lose motivation; but when we keep pushing ourselves to move forward no matter the obstacles that we face, we build up our confidence and create the atmosphere for great accomplishment.At times, there may be some setbacks that we go through, but I believe that when we allow ourselves to learn from those setbacks and push ourselves to move forward we think higher, dream bigger and achieve greater. In my opinion, when we motivate ourselves to move forward, we becomes more determine to work harder to make our dreams becomes a reality. If you are a student or you want to become an accountant, a musician, a singer, a basketball player, a baseball player, an athlete, a minister or whatever your talents and professional choices, you have to motivate yourself that you can pull through and be at your best performance. No matter the obstacles or setbacks, you got to build your confidence that you can pursue your dreams and talents despite the challenges that you face. In addition, it’s my belief, that you should surround yourself with people who motivates you to push forward. Motivation gives you the drive to get ahead and it empowers you to work hard to reach your goals and dreams. When we stop doubting and start believing, we build the victory mentality that bring us progress and leads us to achieve our goals and dreams. It’s my belief that being motivated don’t mean that we won’t face challenging situations however, when we face those challenging situation we won’t give up but we will be motivated to carry on with confidence.No matter the situation, if you are looking for employment, a promotion at your job or even thinking of starting your own business, don’t give up but be motivated to keep trying despite the obstacles that you face from time to time. A good idea is to be persistent and believe in your ability to do your best in everything you do. Never allow challenges to let you lose motivation but be determine to overcome those challenges by learning from them and taking steps to push yourself forward towards your goals.At times, things might be rough, but we have to motivate ourselves to gain the strength to never stop trying until we reach the desire outcome of our dreams. In whatever you do, follow your passion with the highest expectation; there are unlimited possibilities when you motivate yourself to follow your dream. We all have the ability to achieve greatness but we have to motivate ourselves to pursue our dreams and make them become a reality. NEVER STOP TRYING!

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