Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hold On, Have Faith

Faith is the access to your victory. The step of faith doesn't mean that you won't go through challenges but it means that when the challenges and obstacles comes, you are strong enough to hold on with faith and patience. Don't give up, choose to have faith in God. Choose to hold on to the Lord. Although things might get difficult at times, you got to have faith that God will work everything out for your good. Prayer and faith is the access to your blessings, so in everything have faith for the best outcome.
It's like trying to achieve a goal that you are trying to achieve, you are never going to stop with each obstacles and challenges that gets in the way but rather, you are going to keep moving with faith until you achieve your set goal. Taking the step of faith means you choose to hold on and never give up.
The difficulties and challenges are there at times but never let these difficulties and challenges prevents you from reaching for your blessings, press your way through to your victory.
Faith is activated through prayer, choose to pray and have faith, God will help you through it all. God is able to carry you through. No matter the situation, choose to be faithful. God knows the situation that you are facing and he wants you to know that he is in the midst with you and he cares for you.
In everything be bold, pray and have faith that God is going to help you through it. Sometimes you'll never know where the door of blessings is going to open for you, just don't give up because you are near to  your blessings.  Trust God through the process, he is a way maker. Struggles and problems are there but God is greater than all your struggles. Victory is yours and Joy is yours through Jesus, just hold on and have faith.

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