Thursday, July 20, 2017

Promise of Hope Poem

Along the way things may get:


However, through it all always choose to be:


In the midst of every difficulties never give up hope. Always choose to be encourage and have faith in God for the best.  If things are difficult for you now and it seem stressful, just lift your faith to God because he is always there and he will work things out for your good. There will be victory after your struggles, keep going, never give up HOPE.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let Faith Guides You

Let faith guides you to reach for your goals;
And never let discouragement get in the way, only reach for the prize ahead.
Let faith guides you, when the road gets difficult to trod.
And the path becomes rocky and uncomfortable for you to walk on,
Continue in faith, never in doubt, for your best is yet to come;
With courage, hope and faith, you are going to make it through and be bless.
Let faith guides you when others have left you feeling hopeless;
And you feel alone in distress, being abandon in despair.
Let faith guides you to know that you are destined to win and be your best;
Happiness and joy are yours to gain, because there is a blessing beyond the horizon
Even, though the path you trod may be rough, continue to press on,
And no matter the circumstances, let faith guides you to be a success.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7 Keys to Happiness

In life there are many circumstances that can prevent a person from being happy; However, in everything we should try to focus on being happy no matter the challenging circumstances that surrounds us. Happiness is not based on having plenty; However, happiness is being contented with what you have and being thankful to God even through the challenges that his love and kindness is there to help you through every circumstances. Here are some tips to being happy even when going through challenges;

1. Be Thankful

When you are thankful, it's a great step to being happy, because when you are thankful you complain less and tend to appreciate the things that God is doing for you. It's good to be thankful to the Lord because there are so many things to give God thanks for and in everything we know that he will work all things together for our good. When we choose to be thankful, we can begin to find hope even through the most difficult circumstances.

2. Be Kind

Kindness is a another great key step to happiness, because when we choose to be kind, we cares about the needs and concern of others not just our own. We should always be there to help those who are in need of our help. When we help others it shows that we care about them and it's a blessing to help others. Kindness should be something we do all the time wherever there is a need for help.  God blesses us even more when we are there to help others who are in need. Kindness will help to make us more happy that we help others who need our help.

3. Be Optimistic

No matter the circumstances, we should always choose to be optimistic that God will help us and that we will get the victory over every challenges. We should speak faith and in everything we should put forth our best effort and expect a blessing from the Lord at all times. When we are optimistic, we don't choose to focus on obstacles that's comes our way, but we choose to overcome them through prayer and faith.

4. Be Courageous

At times we might be going through a lot of challenging circumstances that can cause us to be unhappy however, we should never let our problems cause us to lose hope. We should be courageous that the situation might be difficult for us but with God all things are possible. When we are courageous it brings the assurance that God will help us along the way and brings us the victory.

5. Pray more, worry less

Prayer is a vital source of strength. Through prayer many doors are open and blessings are given. When we pray, we connect to God and tell him all our needs. We know that when we pray God listens and he answers. We should choose to pray at all times. Prayer helps us to focus more on God helping us and it helps to alleviate stress. Through prayer we can be blessed in the Lord and have joy.

6. Be Faithful

We should always have faith in God when we pray that he will provide for us. In everything we should choose to pray and have faith in God that he will work things out for our good. Faith is the key to your victory.  We should choose to connect to the Lord with faith when we pray. When we have faith we can be assure that God will help us all along the way in everything. It doesn't matter the circumstances, when you have faith, God will step in and help you through it all.

7. Be confident in your abilities to be a success

At times it's easy to be hopeless and weary, however, in everything we should always choose to be confident in our abilities to be a success. We have to work hard and put forth our best effort. We should never let setbacks prevents us from achieving our goals. However, what we should do is to use all those setbacks as a strength builder and work harder to build our confidence to achieve greatness. Keep going, choose to be happy and no matter the circumstances, never give up HOPE.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be Thankful, It's Great to be Grateful

In life there are challenges that we go through from time to time. However, in those challenging times, we should not give up hope and we should not let our circumstances prevent us from giving God thanks for the things that he is doing for us. To give thanks means that we are grateful and it shows that we appreciate the things that God is doing for us.  At times we tend to focus on the things that we lack and we tend to complain rather than giving thanks.
No matter what the circumstances, we should choose to be grateful. Complaining makes you more stressed and it doesn’t help to make things better. However, when are thankful, it makes us feels better and it helps for God to bless us more in abundance.
God wants us to appreciate the things that he is doing for us and in order for us to show our appreciation we have to first have a thankful attitude. We should not let our circumstances cause us to complain and be distracted. Many may ask how can they be thankful when they are struggling, the answer is found in praying  and trusting God with a grateful attitude that he will help us through whatever the circumstances that we are going through.
It easy to focus on the could’ve, should’ve and would’ve, however, we have to pray and let God leads the way; Remember that God knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t know what’s best for ourselves. We got to realize that God is the giver of all blessings and he in control of all things and we should always go to him in prayer whenever we are going through difficulties. When we pray, God listens and he answers; However, we can’t be complaining when we want God to bless us. We should come to him with faith that he will work things out for our good.
We should never take nothing for granted and we should make it our responsibility to be thankful.  Remember, the things we take for granted now, we will someday realize that they were treasures we didn’t cherished. At this very moment, make it your mission to be thankful to God, because no matter the circumstances, we should always be thankful to God. In the good times and the difficult moments, God love and kindness is always there for us.
Have you ever find that whenever you are going through a difficult circumstances and you pray how much better things begin to get. Prayer works and rather than complaining about the situation, praying about it, makes things so much better.
Remember when you feel like complaining because the circumstances that you are going through are rough, go to God in prayer and let him fix it for you. Things are not always easy but we should not let the challenging situation prevent us from giving God thanks and praise.
In addition, rather than complaining, we should let others know how thankful we are to God for the things he is doing for us. However, when others knows that we are thankful they too will realize that giving thanks is the best thing to do rather than complaining.
In thanksgiving to God, we are blessed even more. Always choose to be thankful!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Faith in God for the Possible, being Bless in the Lord

Faith in God for the possible means being able and capable of being achieved. When we have faith in God, we have the assurance that he will work things out for our good. At times, things might be difficult and gets challenging but with faith in God we know that we will make it through the difficulties. We know that all things are possible when we have faith in God and know that he will help us to have the victory.  In order for our faith to get stronger, we got to build our faith through prayer and reading the word of God and applying it to our every situation. Prayer and faith is the key to your victory and joy over difficult circumstances. No matter the situation, we should always choose to focus on the Lord and let him take control of everything. We got to realize that we can’t go through the challenges alone without asking God to help us along the way, because with his help we know can get the victory over every difficult situation. At times things may seem hopeless, but you got to maximize your faith that God will come in the midst and fix it for you. When you have faith it doesn’t mean that things will be easy, but when you have faith, you know that through the difficulties and challenges, God will help you to achieve your best. In the difficult moments we should be persistent in prayer and be hopeful for the best and we should never allow ourselves to feel hopeless but we should rise above the situation and be courageous. We should nourish our faith through prayer persistently, so we will be able to have the courage over the difficult situation. When you pray, you should have great expectation that God will work things out and bring you the victory. In everything put God first and let him be the center of everything. When you have faith, God will help you to be blessed and not be stressed through the challenges. Today, choose to give thanks for God blessings and no matter the difficulties, hold onto the Lord with faith for the best.


Dear God, we come to you knowing that with you all things are possible; take control of our every difficulties and bring us the victory.

Lord you are in control and we can always come to you at anytime because you care for us,
help us to realize that things may not always be easy but through them all, you will give us the courage and the ability to be victorious.
Lord help us to put you first in everything and bless us along the way.
Help us to bring hope to others, let them have faith in you and accept you as their Savior and let them come to know you more and experience you in a great way.
Lord we give you the glory and the honor for your blessing on us in Jesus name. Amen

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Word of the Day/Verse of the Day

Word of the Day


Encouragement means to be inspire with optimism, courage and hope. Many times along the way we get discouraged with unhappy circumstances that we go through. However, in moments of despair you may feel hopeless and seem like you can’t make it through the difficulties, but you should be optimistic with hope for the best. No matter the circumstances, we should never get discourage because God cares for us and he wants the best for us. We should always encourage ourselves through prayer and reading the word of God and find strength in knowing that with God all things are possible. When discouragement comes, we should never let it prevent us from reaching for our goals. Through prayer and faith in God we know that we can stand on the promises of God and be assured that he will work things out for our good. At times it’s easy to get discourage; however, we should never hold on to discouragement but we should hold to God and let him increase our faith in him. We should always be there to encourage others who are going through difficulties, we should help to bring hope to them. Encouragement helps to bring hope and it helps to bring strength to those who are discouraged. The pathway might be rough at times but through it all, just be still and know that God is there in the midst to guide you through to victory along the way. Discouragement will distract you from the things of God and cause you to be in despair at times, but through it all command your Goliath of discouragement that God is greater than everything that comes to discourage you and command your Goliath that victory is yours in Lord. Today, be encourage that God will take control of your Goliath of discouragement and bring you the victory.

Verse of the Day

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
(1 Peter 5:7)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Word of the Day/Verse of the Day

Word of the Day


Praise means to adore, glorify and honor. At times along the way, we tend to focus on things that distract us from giving God the praise. Oftentimes we worry about not having enough money financially to pay the bills, there is worry about having more clothes, getting paid more at work, worries about being successful and having more money. However, in the midst of everything, we tend to focus on so many things that we don’t take the time out to give God the praise and be thankful to him. We should always have a praise, because God is good and in the midst of everything, he is to be praised. God is always there in the midst to help us through whatever challenges that we go through, so in everything we should go to him in prayer and he will work things out for our good. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, when you praise God, it sets the atmosphere for blessings. In the difficult moments praise God for the victory to come and in the happy moments praise God for his blessings, there should always be a praise; we can’t afford to be distracted with our current circumstances that we forget give God the praise. If God blesses you with a new job, more money, a house or apartment or whatever he blesses you with, you should give him praise for what he has done. When you praise God it shows that you are grateful for the things that he is doing for you. Even if you are unemployed and don’t have all the things you wanted, that should not prevent you from giving God praise. In everything you got to realize that God cares about you and if he cares about you, he also cares about your worries, your needs and concerns; so it might me rough now but you got to develop the habit of praising God until your victory comes. Today, through difficult or happy moments, give God the praise because there is a blessing in your praise; praise God all the time.

Verse of the God

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.
(Psalm 95:6)