Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be Thankful, It's Great to be Grateful

In life there are challenges that we go through from time to time. However, in those challenging times, we should not give up hope and we should not let our circumstances prevent us from giving God thanks for the things that he is doing for us. To give thanks means that we are grateful and it shows that we appreciate the things that God is doing for us.  At times we tend to focus on the things that we lack and we tend to complain rather than giving thanks.
No matter what the circumstances, we should choose to be grateful. Complaining makes you more stressed and it doesn’t help to make things better. However, when are thankful, it makes us feels better and it helps for God to bless us more in abundance.
God wants us to appreciate the things that he is doing for us and in order for us to show our appreciation we have to first have a thankful attitude. We should not let our circumstances cause us to complain and be distracted. Many may ask how can they be thankful when they are struggling, the answer is found in praying  and trusting God with a grateful attitude that he will help us through whatever the circumstances that we are going through.
It easy to focus on the could’ve, should’ve and would’ve, however, we have to pray and let God leads the way; Remember that God knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t know what’s best for ourselves. We got to realize that God is the giver of all blessings and he in control of all things and we should always go to him in prayer whenever we are going through difficulties. When we pray, God listens and he answers; However, we can’t be complaining when we want God to bless us. We should come to him with faith that he will work things out for our good.
We should never take nothing for granted and we should make it our responsibility to be thankful.  Remember, the things we take for granted now, we will someday realize that they were treasures we didn’t cherished. At this very moment, make it your mission to be thankful to God, because no matter the circumstances, we should always be thankful to God. In the good times and the difficult moments, God love and kindness is always there for us.
Have you ever find that whenever you are going through a difficult circumstances and you pray how much better things begin to get. Prayer works and rather than complaining about the situation, praying about it, makes things so much better.
Remember when you feel like complaining because the circumstances that you are going through are rough, go to God in prayer and let him fix it for you. Things are not always easy but we should not let the challenging situation prevent us from giving God thanks and praise.
In addition, rather than complaining, we should let others know how thankful we are to God for the things he is doing for us. However, when others knows that we are thankful they too will realize that giving thanks is the best thing to do rather than complaining.
In thanksgiving to God, we are blessed even more. Always choose to be thankful!

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