Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7 Keys to Happiness

In life there are many circumstances that can prevent a person from being happy; However, in everything we should try to focus on being happy no matter the challenging circumstances that surrounds us. Happiness is not based on having plenty; However, happiness is being contented with what you have and being thankful to God even through the challenges that his love and kindness is there to help you through every circumstances. Here are some tips to being happy even when going through challenges;

1. Be Thankful

When you are thankful, it's a great step to being happy, because when you are thankful you complain less and tend to appreciate the things that God is doing for you. It's good to be thankful to the Lord because there are so many things to give God thanks for and in everything we know that he will work all things together for our good. When we choose to be thankful, we can begin to find hope even through the most difficult circumstances.

2. Be Kind

Kindness is a another great key step to happiness, because when we choose to be kind, we cares about the needs and concern of others not just our own. We should always be there to help those who are in need of our help. When we help others it shows that we care about them and it's a blessing to help others. Kindness should be something we do all the time wherever there is a need for help.  God blesses us even more when we are there to help others who are in need. Kindness will help to make us more happy that we help others who need our help.

3. Be Optimistic

No matter the circumstances, we should always choose to be optimistic that God will help us and that we will get the victory over every challenges. We should speak faith and in everything we should put forth our best effort and expect a blessing from the Lord at all times. When we are optimistic, we don't choose to focus on obstacles that's comes our way, but we choose to overcome them through prayer and faith.

4. Be Courageous

At times we might be going through a lot of challenging circumstances that can cause us to be unhappy however, we should never let our problems cause us to lose hope. We should be courageous that the situation might be difficult for us but with God all things are possible. When we are courageous it brings the assurance that God will help us along the way and brings us the victory.

5. Pray more, worry less

Prayer is a vital source of strength. Through prayer many doors are open and blessings are given. When we pray, we connect to God and tell him all our needs. We know that when we pray God listens and he answers. We should choose to pray at all times. Prayer helps us to focus more on God helping us and it helps to alleviate stress. Through prayer we can be blessed in the Lord and have joy.

6. Be Faithful

We should always have faith in God when we pray that he will provide for us. In everything we should choose to pray and have faith in God that he will work things out for our good. Faith is the key to your victory.  We should choose to connect to the Lord with faith when we pray. When we have faith we can be assure that God will help us all along the way in everything. It doesn't matter the circumstances, when you have faith, God will step in and help you through it all.

7. Be confident in your abilities to be a success

At times it's easy to be hopeless and weary, however, in everything we should always choose to be confident in our abilities to be a success. We have to work hard and put forth our best effort. We should never let setbacks prevents us from achieving our goals. However, what we should do is to use all those setbacks as a strength builder and work harder to build our confidence to achieve greatness. Keep going, choose to be happy and no matter the circumstances, never give up HOPE.

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