Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let Faith Guides You

Let faith guides you to reach for your goals;
And never let discouragement get in the way, only reach for the prize ahead.
Let faith guides you, when the road gets difficult to trod.
And the path becomes rocky and uncomfortable for you to walk on,
Continue in faith, never in doubt, for your best is yet to come;
With courage, hope and faith, you are going to make it through and be bless.
Let faith guides you when others have left you feeling hopeless;
And you feel alone in distress, being abandon in despair.
Let faith guides you to know that you are destined to win and be your best;
Happiness and joy are yours to gain, because there is a blessing beyond the horizon
Even, though the path you trod may be rough, continue to press on,
And no matter the circumstances, let faith guides you to be a success.

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