Sunday, August 28, 2016

Faith in God for the Possible, being Bless in the Lord

Faith in God for the possible means being able and capable of being achieved. When we have faith in God, we have the assurance that he will work things out for our good. At times, things might be difficult and gets challenging but with faith in God we know that we will make it through the difficulties. We know that all things are possible when we have faith in God and know that he will help us to have the victory.  In order for our faith to get stronger, we got to build our faith through prayer and reading the word of God and applying it to our every situation. Prayer and faith is the key to your victory and joy over difficult circumstances. No matter the situation, we should always choose to focus on the Lord and let him take control of everything. We got to realize that we can’t go through the challenges alone without asking God to help us along the way, because with his help we know can get the victory over every difficult situation. At times things may seem hopeless, but you got to maximize your faith that God will come in the midst and fix it for you. When you have faith it doesn’t mean that things will be easy, but when you have faith, you know that through the difficulties and challenges, God will help you to achieve your best. In the difficult moments we should be persistent in prayer and be hopeful for the best and we should never allow ourselves to feel hopeless but we should rise above the situation and be courageous. We should nourish our faith through prayer persistently, so we will be able to have the courage over the difficult situation. When you pray, you should have great expectation that God will work things out and bring you the victory. In everything put God first and let him be the center of everything. When you have faith, God will help you to be blessed and not be stressed through the challenges. Today, choose to give thanks for God blessings and no matter the difficulties, hold onto the Lord with faith for the best.


Dear God, we come to you knowing that with you all things are possible; take control of our every difficulties and bring us the victory.

Lord you are in control and we can always come to you at anytime because you care for us,
help us to realize that things may not always be easy but through them all, you will give us the courage and the ability to be victorious.
Lord help us to put you first in everything and bless us along the way.
Help us to bring hope to others, let them have faith in you and accept you as their Savior and let them come to know you more and experience you in a great way.
Lord we give you the glory and the honor for your blessing on us in Jesus name. Amen

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